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  1. Winsome

    Melia, I think it is just wonderful what you are doing!!!!! I am totally for living life with passion and to the fullest. Iam very excited about following your experiences. Much love and luck to you!!

  2. Jim Rawls

    I enjoyed meeting you last night at the Treasure Reception in Sonoma. Will pass on your contact info. Congratulations on this fascinating project!

  3. Beandrea Davis


    The world continues to get smaller. Last week a friend I know through Interplay ( highly recommended your website as I try to figure out how to get where I’m going on my path for a livelihood that is fueled by my creativity. Feeling inspired and more connected to a sense of hope seeing what you are doing. More power to you! -Beandrea

  4. Michelle Golobish

    I wanted to recommend some books for you!

    I have recently finished reading “A Mind at a Time” by Mel Levine, and also “Good to Great” and “Built to Last” by James C. Collins. I think you would enjoy them and their widespread applicability across a variety of projects.

    I can’t believe how much you’ve done since you first told me about this project! So creative and inspiring.

    We’ll have to catch up soon.


  5. Melia

    Michelle, I’ve read parts of “A Mind at a Time,” and it describes clearly why individualized education is much more effective than a one-size-fits-all approach. Jim Collins is one of my favorite authors; “Good to Great” changed the way I approached my work. “Built to Last” is on my shelf waiting to be read. Thanks for thinking of me with these recommendations. Let’s catch up soon!

  6. kirsten olson

    Hello Melia! I read your reschooling article in AERO and loved it. I want to send you a copy of my just published book, Wounded By School: Recapturing Pleasure in Learning and Standing Up To Old School Culture (Teachers College Press). Let me know about an address or you can write to me directly if you don’t want to share that out loud.

    Thanks for great work and lovely thinking! I suggest very similar antidotes to too much schooling!


  7. Darvin De Shazer

    It has been enjoyable following your adventure. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  8. Melia

    Thanks for helping to make the journey possible! New post to come soon. Hope all is well at SV.

  9. JD

    Hey, I hope this email finds you well. You have a really nice site for people who don’t want to stop learning. I work with Westwood College which offers a number of degrees online and at location throughout the United States. After graduation, alumni are allowed to audit courses for free to keep up with their field of study. Considering the content of your site, I am very eager to set up a link on your site. Please contact me if you currently have offer text links as many people on your site would be interested to learn what Westwood has to offer.

    Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

    JD Withrow

  10. Jeffrey Dohnt

    Wow! with all available permutations that lie within the English language… here we are. Two Peas in a proverbial pod.

    Pleasure to have found another Reschool. Here I was thinking I was the one and only. (I have gone by this name for some years now) I thought this day would never come.

    I’ve read over your blogsite, mine are;

    I will check back from time-to-time… I love your work.

    Kind regards,
    Jeffrey Dohnt, Australia.

  11. Melia

    Jeffrey, it really is funny that we chose the same word! Sounds as if we work in different realms but share values. It’s cool to see what you’re doing with your music. I listened to a bit and thought it was cool. Thanks for introducing yourself, and look forward to keeping updated on what a fellow reschooler is doing!

  12. Teresa Bruneau

    Hi Melia,

    I was wondering how did you get the elementary middle and high school administrator to let you go forward with this project? What did you say for them to agree to it? I’m curious about quite a few different projects that I wanted to work on over the years and I was always Paralyzed by how to get people to let me do what I wanted to do. Thanks!

  13. mjdicker (Post author)

    Hi Teresa, I was fortunate to be from a small town and to know at least one teacher at each school. I emailed each person to explain my project and ask for help in getting approval for it. I was incredibly grateful that they each put in a good word for me and helped pave the way. To get your projects off the ground, I’d start by contacting people in your network, even the ones you don’t know well. Even if you go in cold, I’ve found that when you tell people that you’re pursuing a big dream, they try to help you make it happen. It seems to strike a universal chord. Give it a try — the worst they could say is no! 🙂


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