Remember This? #13 Classroom Desks

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These desks are old school for real. I think that fifth-grade teacher Mr. Neubacher has been at my elementary school since before I started in 1985. He’s the only teacher who’s saved his original desks over the years, soldering and repairing them so they’re still in decent shape.

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  1. Alicia C.

    Congrats to Mr. Neubacher for keeping the desks in shape. As far as wear and tear goes they look pretty much the same as the desks at SV Elem. 20 years ago. I’m reminded that we had a coat closet in every classroom so the desks were in perfect rows, seat almost touching the desk behind it. I don’t remember always putting our lunches under the seats, but I know it happened at least once… I think we were having some sort of party in the fifth grade and my friend Jill had a bottle of flavored Calistoga water under her seat. All of the sudden the top just popped off and the water flew up into the air and got all over her chair and the floor. I wondered if one of the boys had shaken it when no one was looking. (Jill was an odd duck and often got picked on.)

    I also have many memories of sitting next to boys and watching them stealthily open their desks to get out pieces of paper, erasers, pencil toppers, anything they could play with while we sat through an hour of religion or reading. The things we did to amuse ourselves before scientific calculators and cell phones!

    1. Dreama

      Just cause it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not super hepflul.

  2. Gilliebean

    Oh, I remember those well! I had a rockin’ Trapper Keeper I used to keep in a desk like that. Even then, my desk would get outta control messy! Remember when we’d have “clean your desk” days?

  3. Melia

    Yes! I loved Trapper Keepers and actually still have a Trapper folder that I’ll have to photograph for the blog. We’d do Friday desk cleanups once a month, probably, with spray cleaner and those tan school-bathroom paper towels.

    Remember when you’d come in one morning and the teacher had switched the desks around? I always felt disoriented for a week or so, but I was happy when I got seated next to my friends.

  4. Lola Andrews

    No wonder I have neck and back problems!


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