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Melia Dicker is a writer who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and spent nearly a decade working in education. In her early twenties, she co-founded Spark, an apprenticeship and drop-out prevention program for middle school youth. She later co-founded IDEA, an organization that gives young people and communities a voice in shaping education around the country.

At age 28, Melia found herself struggling with stress and discontentment and decided that her life needed a reboot. In hopes of reconnecting with the joy of discovery and finding a path to happiness, she returned to her childhood classrooms. She started the Reschool Yourself project and spent a week alongside students in each grade, from kindergarten through college.

Today, Melia coaches adults with ADHD from around the country at Rising Spiral Coaching and co-hosts the Semi-Together podcast with her sister, Gillian Burgess. She lives in Jackson, Mississippi, with her husband, son and daughter, and menagerie of pets.

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  1. natasha

    the new website looks great!

  2. Jean

    Of course, I love your website, although I never saw the old one. And I’m quite impressed at the wisdom you demonstrate in taking a year to rethink and refeel the life purpose you’ve already begun to actualize. From the vantage point of 78 years on the learning curve that is life, I wish you the very best in your quest! Ask Darren-he’ll know who.

  3. Melia Dickson

    Wow, I love the whole concept of reschooling. Can’t wait to read more on your experiences. Funny, my name is Melia and I had lived in Jackson from 1992-1996 and then from 1999 until 2001. Weird, strange world. Cheers. Melia

  4. Melia

    Thanks for the kind words. It blows me away that your name is so similar, and that you lived in Jackson, too. Tres bizarre!

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