Thank you for Amazoning!

Just a quick note to say thanks to those of you who are using my link to enter the Amazon website. In just a few days, the total is nearing $70, which is incredibly awesome for something that doesn’t cost either of us anything. The number of purchases has increased my referral rate; now 6.5% of anything you buy through the link (electronics, housewares, etc.) will go to Reschool Yourself. You can now click on the Amazon logo in the upper right corner of the homepage and then shop as usual. Even though the Reschool Yourself code disappears from the URL, it’s still tracking.

Since I used to work for a wonderful independent bookstore, Readers’ Books, I must encourage you to buy books from your local indie bookshop (or from the Readers’ website). But if you are shopping Amazon anyway, especially for non-book items, please use the link. Thank you!

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