Video Log: Kindergarten, Day 3

I’ve decided that video blogging is a great way to keep you updated about Reschool Yourself. It’ll save me hours of writing, as well.

Those of you who know me can tell that I haven’t slept much lately. Those who do not may think that I normally look like this, but I’d like to think I’m slightly less haggard when rested. I hope that as I learn to manage my time and take care of myself, you’ll see me looking healthier and more balanced.

Here’s an update filmed the morning of Day 3:

Here’s a preview of the keepsake-mining and classmate search that I’ll begin this weekend:

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  1. Casandra

    Ok, so I had a WHOLE MEETING with a lifecoach about a month ago on the ‘personal care while obsessed with personal mission’ issue. My biggest problem isn’t sleep (though it might have been if I’d stayed at home…. in fact, while I’ve been at my mom’s house, sleep HAS been a problem) it is EXERCISE (yeah, childcare at IDEC doesn’t count. oh well). The lifecoach advised me to find SOMEONE who I could count on (and maybe even PAY) to call/email/contact me periodically and discuss my exercise issues with. This person could kick my ass into gear, so to speak, and remind me that how I treat myself is a good indicator of my values…. really, I need to contact my personal trainer.

    Who’s YOUR personal trainer? GET THEM INVOLVED!

  2. Mr. Hsu

    HI! Finally, my first comment in months!! I reread some old journal entries and personal writings this week, and it has been so inspirational for a number of reasons: 1) to see how accurately I can predict my own future, 2) to recapture passion that has slowly slithered away when not writing, and 3) to set the course for the next chapter (literally). Good luck on your Gingerbreadman Hunt! 🙂 ClickComments, GOOOOOO!!

  3. Margaret

    So encouraging- both for you and for your audience (e.g. me)! And I love the “Enter: Stack” video shot. Hilarious and an “awww” moment. While I may not be the best about self-care at the moment, I agree with Cassandra that someone to keep the goal up on the list of priorities is key. If I volunteer, when would you say is the best time to call you to say ‘go to bed, melia’ 2? 3? Maybe that could be my wake-up to go the gym, hmm…

  4. Melia

    Great idea that someone could keep me accountable for exercise & sleep. I’ve been exercising daily recently — Casandra, running around with kids TOTALLY counts! — but still sleeping very little, though I promise myself every day that I’ll go to bed early. Sigh. I wish that instead of sleeping, I could plug myself into the wall to recharge — and not get electrocuted. Margaret, if you happen to be up at 5 a.m. EDT, you can text me, “Get off the computer NOW!”

    Stephen, I reread journals for the same reasons. They’re entertaining, too, especially the ones from when I was little. The middle school entries will be funny to read, because they are mostly composed of “I (heart) Boy X, Y, and Z” — usually several at a time. After kickin’ it with middle school kids for so long, it’ll be fun to remember what I was like then.


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