New Site Features!

You’ll notice that the Reschool Yourself site continues to develop, thanks to Darren‘s help. Here are the newest features:

1) Profile Photo for Comments & Forum

Many of you read much more often than you comment, so first of all, please comment on the posts and forum! Your comments let me know that my words aren’t floating off into the void, and they attract other readers’ interest as well. I hope that the forum will become a way for people to share school memories, thoughts about education, and reschooling ideas, so please register and contribute!

As Facebook addicts know, online exchanges feel more personal if you can see the people you’re communicating with. Through Gravatar, you can easily register and upload a profile photo. If you have a WordPress blog, are probably already registered with Gravatar.

2) Your Two Cents

As I’ve mentioned, my fingers can’t type fast enough to keep up with my growing list of blog post ideas. If you let me know which topics you’d most be interested in reading, it will help me prioritize which ones to write next. Check the boxes next to your topics of choice and click “Vote.”

Feel free to suggest your own topic by commenting, emailing me, or posting on the forum, and I may add it to the list. You can also sponsor a post from the list by making a donation in any amount, and I’ll give you a shout-out when I write it. More info to follow.

3) Book Recommendations

I’ve added two categories of book recommendations: Education and Personal Development. If you’re interested in knowing more about democratic/progressive education, most of the education books are in that vein. I’ll add a third category soon, for general recommendations of books and other items (audio tapes, etc.).

If an item interests you that you plan to buy anyway, please consider buying it through my link. Amazon gives me a 4% referral fee when you do this that will increase as I refer more buyers. Of course, I understand if you prefer to buy books another way — I just ask that it’s through an independent bookstore!

4) Ways to Navigate Previous Posts

If you’re new to the site or want to catch up on posts, these features will make navigation easier.

  • Related Posts: At the end of each post, you’ll see a list of posts on related topics.
  • Topics of Interest (Formerly Tags): If you click on a topic, like “Happiness,” all the posts I’ve tagged in that sub-category will appear in a list.
  • Most Popular Posts: Read the most viewed posts. One caveat: This feature only began counting page views this week, so older popular posts (like All I Really Need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten) won’t appear.
  • Follow the Journey (a.k.a. Archives): Lists the months in which I’ve posted, and how many posts occur in each month. Note: Posts prior to 2008 are travel archives called “Reschooling Abroad.”

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