Remember This? #10 Battleship

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  1. Brian

    Being a Navy man, I could not let this go by without a comment, or several.
    1- there is an age threshold when playing battleship now, as an adult (that’s what I’m calling myself these days) with children. From my own research, I’ve found this age to be around 5-6. Any younger and the coordinates you call, don’t seem to correlate with the correct response as to whether it’s a hit or not.
    2- As soon as these children are slightly older and have a better grasp on the the alpha-numeric grid system, then you get into the “conniving years”. At this stage, the ships of these clever youngsters begin to migrate from their initial position to spots that have not received any cannon fire.
    3- I never had electronic battleship, with all the sounds and explosions and am still bitter about that.
    4-Two friends of mine, Nick, and Matt did not initially know each other at our high school. One day Matt threw a paper airplane that hit Nick in the eye. Nick, sensing that a negative reaction would be a poor first impression, and not wanting to kill the otherwise jovial mood, shouts out “AAAHH YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP!”. Hilarity ensued.

  2. Alicia

    My sis and I had an intense travel battleship game in Kauai this summer! She apparently considers travel battleship a crucial travel item! Good times!

  3. Melia

    Wow, Brian, all four points taken. I never thought about the cheating potential. And I didn’t even have the regular Battleship, much less the electronic one — I just played it at school and youth programs. Still one of my favorites — that’s my kind of math.

  4. regina

    who sunk my battleship??

  5. Margaret

    New material: upon visiting a friend, I realized his roommate and his girlfriend (25ish both) were playing Battleship in his room. For quite some time. He is a science teacher; she, a music archivist in the works. Just goes to show the quality of the game, right? :o)


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