Remember This? #12 MASH

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  1. M

    Oh, I totally do! In fact, I robably thought this was a cool game longer than most. Except, we had added a “P” at the end of MASH, to include the possibility of a penthouse, even though I wasn’t even sure what a penthouse WAS, in grades 5 or 6!

  2. Rebecca Bright

    This was my maid of honor speech at a wedding this summer. Seriously 🙂

  3. Alicia C.

    I spent hours doing this with friends at the Boys and Girls Club. I have to admit though that I have since forgotten the finer points of divining what my life will look like via MASH.

  4. lynnie

    I do. Where’s my mansion?

  5. Melia

    Hilarious about the penthouse, Margaret. I usually ended up raising 257 kids in a shack.

  6. Gilliebean

    Oh, I was the queen of MASH! I remember the rule where we could put in at least one crappy choice per category… just to make it interesting. I usually ended up a garbage collector… or a cage dancer once we got into our more creative years.

  7. Melia

    I remember that rule, too! So much more fun, always anticipating which hilarious surprise your friend would end up with, like marrying one of the teachers. Cage dancer, huh? I imagine that your creative years started in fifth grade? (Perhaps with the Special…ahem, Creative, Olympics?)

  8. regina

    oh no you did’nt!!!!

  9. regina

    wait!! are kids still playing this? wow!

  10. Caroline

    oh man, I SO remember that game. We played it all the time. I think it became… MASHOF (outhouse, farm, outhouse was definitely one) or something with like 7 letters, and about 15 catagories. and we always put in one “bad choice”. You know, I think even then, I thought 0 kids was worse than 23. lol

  11. Melia

    Ha, outhouse farm is new to me. We used to put in one bad choice as well, like the person you’d marry or what kind of job you’d have. Those always inspired some good “Ewwww”s.


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