Remember This? #20 School Marquee

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  1. Mr. Hsu

    I don’t recall bus safety week. I also don’t recall middle school dances being at 3:30 in the afternoon. That’s weak.

  2. Alicia C.

    Wow… reading the above comment reminded me that my “middle school” dances were OVER by 3PM! I didn’t find it weird back then and had completely forgotten about it until now. That IS pretty weak. I can’t recall who decorated the basement, but the windows were always blacked out and the younger kids could only use the bathroom if they really, really had to. (The student bathrooms were all in the basement and I think there was one staff bathroom on each of the floors above.) There were almost always streamers in the “doorway” down to the basement and I think the each dance was only attended by my class of forty students. I don’t think we ever had a joint dance with younger or older classes. As sad as all that sounds now, at least we missed class for the couple hours the dances lasted!

  3. Melia

    Haha, I’ll try to remember to ask what kind of wholesome family fun is planned in celebration of National School Bus Safety Week.

    Alicia, lucky that you had dances during school. It IS pretty funny that kids are excited about grinding in a hot, sweaty gym at 3:30 in the afternoon. I’m actually going to the dance tomorrow and am pretty excited about it. I don’t know anyone who’s going, though! I’ll be that weird kid dancing by herself. Except it’s even weirder now that I’m a grown-up.


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