Remember This? #21 Guess Who?

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  1. Margaret

    TOTALLY! My brother and I played Guess Who for years. I remember it fondly. That was when we still spent a lot of time doing stuff together, before he started devoting days to electronic devices.

  2. laura

    loved that game … and Darren’s link! 🙂

  3. Gilliebean

    OMG! Alfred! This is amazing! So many good times playing Guess Who… I’m so glad its legacy lives on.

  4. Melia

    Yeah, Gill, so many happy memories of “Alfreda,” the most androgynous of the Guess Who Crew. He looked like a convict, too, if memory serves.

    The seventh graders were playing this at the end of class, and one player asked his opponent, “Does your person have a butt chin?” She replied, “That’s not a real question!” I disagreed. A lot of characters did have chins like that, though I’m sure they prefer the term “cleft.”


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