Remember This? #30 College Dorm Shower Gear

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  1. Gilliebean

    You know, I just had a similar flashback to freshman year dorm life! Brian and I are staying in a B&B style place in San Diego, and this room unfortunately has great views of the bay but no private bathroom. I get to cart my shower stuff downstairs in a caddy… though the showers are way cleaner than my freshman dorm.

  2. lynnie

    I do unfortunately. I also remember the hair clogs and trash in the showers too :(. Thanks Sanfilippo residents.

  3. Margaret

    Ohhh yes. I remember the sandals I had, with the turquoise spiky things that somehow didn’t hurt the bottom of my feet. I was thinking I might have to get a pair for the gym, but after one visit, it looks “clean enough.”
    I was just out with a group of Korean/ American friends, and one was a language teacher who remembers being shown the dorms at GW when she was a freshman, and being scandalized that it was co-ed! I was glad to be able to tell her that at least Campisi was segregated by floor. Catholics.

  4. Melia

    The looks of gym floors can be deceiving. Fungus, anyone?

    McLaughlin used to be separated into girls’ and boys’ floors, but now they’re all mixed. The girls and guys even live next door to each other, ooh! Even more scandalous than in Swig freshman year, where there was a girls’ side and a boys’ side of the floor. In McLaughlin the boys have to go downstairs to the bathroom, though, and I guess the girls have to come upstairs to the third floor. That’s probably annoying, especially in the middle of the night.


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