Remember This? #36 Desk Cleaning Day

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Remember cleaning out your desk before the winter break? This one stayed open by itself, but other kids needed to prop theirs up with rulers. Most modern desks have a flat surface and cubbyhole instead of a hinged lid, but these are relics from the old days. Mr. Neubacher believes that it’s important for kids to have a home in the classroom and learn to take care of their own space.

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  1. Siobhan

    OMG!! I LOVED those desks!! Ohh, you knew you were in for a good year if your desk stayed open on its own! Cubbie-holes, smubbie-holes. You can’t SEE anything in those! Plus, the cubbies don’t offer a place to hide behind when you needed that extra minute to read the note your friend just passed. lol!
    I remember the teachers designating time during school for us to clean our desks….cause some looked worse than the photo! I think most kids figured if they could still close it, it was clean enough!


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