Stepping Out of the Whirlwind

I took a break from blogging because my sister got married last week in New Orleans, and there was much to do. I just began drafting one big update of everything that has happened in the month of January so far, and it wouldn’t all fit into one post:

* Something Far Finer documentary shoot (coordinating details and shooting the film)

* Preparing to move to Jackson, Mississippi (packing, saying goodbye to everyone)

* Being the Maid of Honor in my little sister‘s wedding

* Settling into a new life in Jackson

It’s crazy how these major events seem to happen all at once. I’ll post a bit about each one this week. For now, I have a few mini-updates:

Life in Jackson

So far, so good. I’m loving it here so far and have been taking it easy for a couple days, ignoring the suitcases overflowing with my clothes so I can recover from my cold and share the hundreds of photos I took at Gill’s wedding. I have a feeling that the south will slow me down and be good for my personal development and sense of community.

What’s Next for RSY

The fall was about returning to the very beginning of my development and, in a sense, doing it over again the way I wished it had been. Now that I’ve been able to let go of the past, I’m ready to move forward and figure out how I want my education and lifestyle to be from now on. My writing this spring will focus on trying out different schedules, activities, and types of work to find the best fit, and learning the things I’ve always wanted to. I look forward to sharing this process of trial and error with you and asking for your own reschooling stories. I’ll also be merging my life and belongings with Darren’s at his (former) bachelor pad, which I’m sure will be amusing. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be blogging about:

  • Starting fresh: new surroundings, a new lifestyle
  • Life in the south compared to in the Bay Area
  • What I’m learning (e.g. yoga, organization, knitting, politics)
  • Reflections and stories from the classroom phase of the project


An anonymous donor, who has supported the project since its inception, just made a contribution that leaves only $495 more to raise in general expenses before March 31. This will allow me to focus on writing the book and exploring the next steps for the project. Possibilities include workshops, video, reschooling community groups, research, and a more active forum. I’ll also be using the funds for Education and Technology to gain skills that I’ve always wanted, and that I’ll share with other people — personal finance and organization, for example. If you’d like to contribute, visit the Sponsor page.

Thank you so much to the other December and January donors:

Alicia Charlberg
Keri Mau
Denise McCall
Alicia Ross
Jean & Dale Schwindaman

Look forward to sharing more soon!

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