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RSY Featured in Another Step Forward

This week Reschool Yourself is featured in Another Step Forward, a blog about the power of dream-chasing. Rick Cecil interviewed me about how I got the idea for Reschool Yourself and went about pursuing it. Rick is the co-founder of the start-up Ruzuku, which provides software to power your personal and professional growth.

Part 1: How I realized that achievement wasn’t going to make me happy, and what I did about it.

Part 2: What reschooling in my old classrooms was like, and what’s next.

Savorchat Interview: Eavesdrop on my 9/29/09 chat with Rick about the genesis of the project, how I ended up in Mississippi, and what I’m doing to change education on a macro level through IDEA (the Institute for Democratic Education in America). (Log in through your Twitter or Facebook account to see the chat)