New Forum, Video Hiatus

1. New Forum

If you’ve wanted to share your own classroom memories, the things you’d still love to learn, or ideas for Reschool Yourself, you’re in luck. The Reschool Yourself forum is finally up and running. Thanks to Stephen for helping shape the forum topics, and to Darren for prettifying the page.

I intend for Reschool Yourself to be not just about my experience, but about all of us grown-ups who find ourselves limited in any way by our schooling. It’s for all of us who still want to learn and do challenging new things — like learn to do a cartwheel at age 28 (yes, I plan to do this) or travel to Egypt after age 70, like my friend Sally. To share ideas and memories, please post your comments on the new forum. I hope that by developing an online community, we can inspire each other to process our experiences of education and move beyond them.

See the Forum page for full descriptions:

Back in the School Day: School memories, journals, and keepsakes

Reschooling Ourselves: Things that you still want to learn or do, or have already done

Education 2.0: The kind of education you envision for the future, best practices you’ve discovered

Curiosity Board: Questions and musings about anything, including Reschool Yourself

Reschool Yourself Brainstorm: Ideas for the project: features, learning opportunities, ways for others to get involved

These are brand new, so please register and kick off a discussion yourself if you’re inspired.

2. Video Hiatus

I’m still deciding how to use video on the site and learning how to shoot higher quality footage (thanks to my filmmaker friend Drew Annis). This weekend I took down the video logs I’ve posted so far, with the exception of the cracked-out clip shot the first day of school. I may bring them back or shoot new ones. I’ll definitely be posting a short video using interview footage from IDEC, where I asked people from around the world, “What, if anything, would you change about your education?” and “What are you doing to reschool yourself now?” I interviewed people from Brazil, Canada, Peru, Germany, the U.S., India, and Korea. I hope to edit and post the video soon.

Flickr Creative Commons image courtesy of _fLemMa_.

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