What’s to Come for RSY

Today I concluded my official reschooling at St. Vincent High School, even though I wish I could spend more time there. In particular, the conversations about education, many of them informal and impromptu, that I’ve had with my old teachers and the current students have been so rich that I want to have more. However, travel plans call. In fact, I have to catch an aiporter at the inhumane hour of 3:55 a.m, in four hours.

Here’s the plan for the next few weeks:

  • Through 11/16: Public Allies board meeting in Milwaukee, and the weekend in Chicago with friends.
  • 11/16 – 12/3: In Jackson visiting Darren. I’ll be processing the K-12 journey and writing about many of the experiences I’ve been dying to share but haven’t had time. Expect flashbacks all the way to the start of my reschooling in kindergarten, and handouts galore.
  • 12/3 – 12/6: Santa Clara University. I get to stay in the dorms and visit classes. I’ll also be making a presentation to a UC Berkeley Education class about Reschool Yourself.
  • 12/6 – 12/24: School follow-ups and educational autobiography. As I draft the book proposal, I’ll pop back into my old classrooms to snap photos and ask follow-up questions. I’ll also go through old photos and keepsakes from each grade to piece together an “educational autobiography” that traces my evolution through school. I think everyone could benefit from doing this, and I’ll share my own process.
  • Spring – I promise to write an update in the next few days about what the spring will hold.

Stay tuned. I’m looking forward to sharing amusing anecdotes and my conclusions thus far, as well as hearing about your school experiences. Thanks to those of you who are sharing — I’ve always intended for the site to be a forum for people to reflect on their education and story-swap. To those of you who are reading but don’t comment….PLEASE COMMENT! It would be nice to know that you’re out there.

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  1. lynnie

    As I mentioned before, I’m totally excited about your SCU visit! Which classes are you going to be visiting? I don’t think we shared many classes/professors together because of the years between us but it should be fun!

  2. Melia

    I’m still planning my SCU visit, but so far I know that I’ll be staying in the dorms, visiting classes (probably in Psychology and Religious Studies) and revisiting significant places for me on campus like the rose garden and piano practice rooms. You studied Computer Science, right?

  3. lynnie

    Nope, computer engineering which is close but less math! Ah the rose garden and piano practice rooms. I remember those! I still had the core classes with the rest of the school in my attempt to be normal 🙂 I especially enjoyed econ and my religious studies classes.


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