Day 4 Video Logs: Classroom Update & Childhood Journal

Here’s an update on what I’m up to in the classroom this week. Fingerpaintin’, here I come!
(FYI, this was recorded Monday afternoon, 8.25.08)

In the second video, I read from my journal at age 5, to remember who I was at that age. Having spent a lot of time with 5- and 6-year-olds this week, I’ve been trying to piece together what I was like myself. I bet you’ll never guess my answer to “If I could be any famous person, I would be…” (answer at 2:12)

Class photo, 1985-1986

This week I’ll post about:

  • My 6-year-old admirer and other amusing pint-sized characters
  • Kids’ creative answers to “What’s the name of this letter of the alphabet?”
  • Recess, the cafeteria, P.E., and other elementary school memories
  • Wise words from a kindergarten teacher

If you have journal entries or keepsakes from your school days, share them here or on the new forum.

Comments (2)

  1. Mr. Hsu

    So, Marty McFly. I must say I am a bit disappointed that your picture is so small and blurry. Perhaps you were hiding your secret Preteen Wolf tendencies?? I have been doing Victories and Gratitudes for two nights now and am loving it tremendously. Will def be keeping this up from here on out. Thank you!

    Can’t wait to hear about all you ever needed to know you learned in kindergarten. 🙂

  2. Melia

    Haha, more like Teen Wolf or Alex P. Keaton! I’ll be uploading a higher resolution class pic soon & a blown up kinder pic. I also learned some secrets about online video, so the next videos should be clearer!

    So glad that the Victories and Gratitudes are workin’ for ya. Now I gotta get back into the habit myself. 🙂


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