Exteme Makeover: Reschool Yourself Edition

Today the RSY site got a little cosmetic surgery, a tuck here and an enhancement there.

Here are the changes, which should make the site more user friendly:

1) Sidebars

The challenge of blogs is that older posts get pushed down into the archives, even if they’re still relevant. I restructured the home page to make room to highlight the best of the blog.

  • Donor List: Because the list of donors continues to grow (thank you!), I moved it to the middle of the page.
  • About Reschool Yourself: Updated and condensed the project description.
  • Best of Reschool Yourself: Added my favorite posts from the project so far.
  • Most Popular Posts: Expanded the list, based on the number of page views. to show the Top 5.
  • Reschool Yourself Here: Added my favorite sites with reschooling themes. My talented friends are behind most of them.

2) Pages

  • Added Media page with articles about RSY and information on presentations and the documentary film. Added video clips of a few reschooling moments, and my interview with JFP Radio, which I’ll also embed in a separate post.
  • Added to the Other Writing page.
  • Updated each of the other pages with more current information and condensed some text. As a Psychology major and former nonprofiteer, I sometimes use psychobabble or clunky nonprofitese when unchecked. I write things that I would never say out loud, like “I will structure these learning opportunities around empowering myself to be as self-sufficient as possible.” Eesh, Wordy McWorderson.
  • Removed sidebars from the pages to expand the text.
  • Removed Forum page for the time being. Until now, it’s been easier for readers to comment on individual posts than to start a thread on the forum. Please comment!

Still to Come:

  • Merging of the Reschool Yourself Here and Links sections. Links currently has a list of helpful Productivity and How-To sites like Wiki-How.
  • Updated Categories and Tags to navigate the site more easily.

More of these things:

  • Video, including a video log or two from the beginning of the project, and interviews with other lifelong learners.
  • Photos of reschooling in the Flickr Photostream, which I’ve updated only once during the project (for shame).
  • Reschooling tales. I’ve let them marinate for a month or two, and I’ll be revisiting them over the next week.
  • Pictures to break up the text on the pages.
  • Book recommendations on Education and Personal Development. If you buy one of the books I recommend, please consider buying through my site (see below).

Three Ways You Can Help:

1) Whenever you shop Amazon, use this link.


A percentage of any purchase made through the link above will go to Reschool Yourself. It doesn’t cost you anything and is an easy way to support the project. Shop locally from indie merchants if you can, but if you do plan to use Amazon, please use the link or click on the icon on the home page. And pass it on!

2) Donate.

My current goal is to raise $550 by March 31st, for education, technology, and general expenses while reschooling and writing my first book. Please consider donating $10, $25, or any other amount.

3) Read, Comment, and Spread the Word.

Please comment! You have no idea how much it motivates me to keep writing when you leave even a brief response. The best part about blogging is knowing that it resonates with someone else.

If you know people intersted in Education and Personal Development, send ’em the link. My goal is to build a strong enough readership that publishers will consider a book proposal from a first-time author. Plus, I’d like to get as many people involved in the reschooling conversation as possible.

Thanks a bunch to the many of you who have done, and continue to do, these things. You rock.

Your Two Cents: Leave a Comment!

Any feedback on the site makeover? Any other suggestions to make it easier to use?

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