Video: Reschooling in Elementary School

If you’re curious to get a glimpse into my time in the classroom, I’ve posted three videos of me and the students at my elementary school, El Verano. They’re just super short clips and not edited, but they’ll introduce you to the kids I’ve written about and how they interacted with me. The first two are from the documentary shoot.

1) Competing against the third graders in Around the World, a math game that many of us played in class as kids (32 seconds):

2) Eating lunch with my third grade posse in the cafeteria, talking to a yard duty and the film crew (43 seconds):

3) Touring you around my old kindergarten room and remembering a rare time when a teacher punished me in class (48 seconds):

Thanks to Kim Duong for taking the footage of me with the third graders.

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Do these videos bring back any memories of your elementary school days?

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  1. Darren

    Around The World is awesome! I love that competitive rush. Looks like you’ve still got it.


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