Newsflash: Fall Budget Fully Funded!

This morning an anonymous donor surprised me by fully funding the rest of the fall budget. I am speechless at this generosity. THANK YOU! I am incredibly grateful.

I’m now able to turn my attention to documenting the fall phase and planning the spring phase. Spring plans will involve reschooling at home and through travels and leveraging the project to make change in the education system. Details this week, pinkie swear. If you’d like to contribute, visit the updated sponsor page. (I’ve also updated the FAQ page.)

A huge thank-you once again to all who made this possible: sponsors, readers, and especially my partner Darren for designing and helping to maintain the site (and lending his unwavering support). There are many exciting developments to come!

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  1. Gilliebean

    That’s awesome! Congrats!!

  2. Brian

    Heck yea, Melia! that’s awesome. Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous, who ever you are, want to hang out some time?

  3. Danielle

    I saw a link for another online resource I though you might like. it’s geared towards younger students, but looks like it has a ton of potential to help students learn: check it out! i havent looked through the site a ton, but it offers a range of free information on a variety of topics.

  4. Melia

    Thanks for the congrats!

    Danielle, the website is really cool. I started doing geography flashcards (Q. Which countries make up the Iberian Peninsula? A. Spain, Portugal, and Andorra). Online flashcards are much better than the stacks of paper flashcards that I’d saved from college and just recently trashed. So painful to let go of all that knowledge potential!

  5. Margaret

    Hey, I just recently trashed flash cards from college too… hmm…
    But on another note- Danielle’s resource comment- something fun was brought to my attention this morning. Perhaps, because your parents did not have older children, they missed out on the glory that is Free To Be. I grew up on this, since my parents are hippies, and it came out when my older sisters were young (’72, ’74), hence the exposure. The wiki and youtube links went around the office today, since some of those 70s children now have young kids and work in my office. So, here ya go. Enjoy the freedom of educational media that is so innocent and heartfelt, you can’t help but sing along!

  6. Melia

    Margaret, I have never known such merriment! My favorite part is when the carousel horsies morph into cartoons and prance off into the meadow. Free to be indeed!

    For the uninitiated like myself, check out this article. I especially like this quote:

    “Stories and songs (there was an original album, too) proclaimed that little girls didn’t have to marry a prince and little boys could play with dolls.

    “The message is a rather deep one….”


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