Remember This? #31 Dorm Swipe Cards

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  1. lynnie

    OH NO. THEY CHANGED THE ACCESS CARD. I no longer can get away with my student movie discounts.

  2. Melia

    Haha, you’re safe — I had a VIP card. I made sure to flash it everywhere and demand bottles of Cristal.

    The regular Access card looks the same as when I was a student. Pretty nice that SCU doesn’t put an expiration date on their IDs, right? Unfortunately, a close look at my picture reveals that I’d be a super-super-super senior if I were still enrolled.

  3. Margaret

    Yes, I remember those. Derned picture-taking excuse. I have to get a DC license soon and am not looking forward to it…
    The other thing about Access cards: the pressure of breaking the rules. I remember feeling like I should let the doors close behind me instead of letting someone in that I didn’t recognize, but I didn’t want to be “rude” so I often passively allowed people in. Seeing as how I am a real rule-follower, I think this is rooted in an even stronger gender stereotype about being considered rude if one doesn’t hold the door open courteously. Of course, it might also be influenced by our good ol’ American pride in being individuals conflicting with out human nature to be communitarian…

  4. Melia

    I need to get my driver’s license updated, too. It has the picture I took at age 16, and I look like a bebe. I wonder if I’ll get a Mississippi license….

    Last week I was that lurker at my freshman dorm who wasn’t supposed to be allowed in. The kid who went in ahead of me gave me a suspicious look and tried to let the door close before I got there, but I was too wily and caught it. I did have to explain myself to the girl working at the desk, who reluctantly let me walk around.


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