Reliving the Past to Release it

I set out in the beginning of the project to sort through the stacks of keepsakes. I’ve tended to romanticize the past and get very attached to people and experiences, and I’ve kept almost every piece of memorabilia possible: movie tickets, school projects, and letters. They fill whole boxes and drawers. I’ve kept a journal on and off since I was about ten, so collectively they take up half a bookshelf.

I’ve finally decided that having hung on to everything has held me back from moving forward, and it’s time to let go of “the good old days.” I’ve been so busy gathering new experiences at school that I haven’t devoted time to processing the past, but I’m realizing how important and urgent this is. I keep meeting resistance from myself as I strive to move forward, and my instincts say that I’ll be able to bring fresh experiences into my life more easily once I clear out the old. Over the next few days, I’ll post snippets of writing, some old photos and other keepsakes, and reflections on what I’m remembering.

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  1. Margaret

    Wow- 3 posts, a letter in the mail, my requested book on the site… is it Christmas?? JK, of course I know Melia is just taking care of business. Doing well. Acting on lessons taken to heart. Letting go! You know, I actually stuck a Post-It note with that written on it in my address book over someone’s name, so that every time I opened it up to look up that address, I would be reminded, “Am I letting it go, like I decided I should?” Still in processus…
    Great picture of the rearview mirror too- striking find. 🙂


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