Reschool Yourself Supporters Rock

I was just updating the sponsor page with this week’s donations to Reschool Yourself, and I realized that people have contributed a total of $6,065 since the journey began in August. This includes family, friends, friends of friends, and people who discovered the project and were inspired to contribute. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you’ve supported my dream to do this work. I hope that when you look at the developing site, you know that you co-created it. Your personalized thank-you notes with a photo will be on their merry way this week.

If you’re shopping with Amazon, please remember to go through this link (then navigate as usual) so a percentage of anything you buy will be donated to Reschool Yourself. Thanks to those who have already done this.

$935 to go before December 31! If you’d like to contribute in any amount, click here.

Thank you to the newest donors:

Joanna Hall
Fern Markgraf
Grant & Heather Shellen

Alice & Patrick Watanabe

Winsome Villiers

General Expenses (while writing the blog and book, developing the site, and spreading the word):
Chris Balme & Gianna Driver
Paul Schmitz
Brian Tomasini

A huge thanks also to those who launched the project:

Alex Marsh
Alicia Ross
Dr. Sally Stewart

Lynn Chikasuye

Project Launch & General Expenses:
John & Sylvia Balinbin
Jayne Carlin
Gillian Dicker
Laverne & Kelly Dicker
Julian Evans-White
Jorge Fernandes
Katie, Matthew, & Olivia Griffin
Katherine McGuire
Yasuko Nishida
Jim O’Connor
Margaret Pinard
Dale & Jean Schwindaman
Christine Wei
Michael Yeany

A special thanks to Dr. Sally Stewart and two anonymous donors, without whom this project would not be possible.

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